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Anil Kumar Projects 2

My Projects

Innovation and exploration are at the heart of every endeavour, and these projects embody that spirit. As you navigate through these projects and campaigns, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of my career and journey.

anil kumar fifa world cup


BYJU'S FIFA World Cup 23

Managed the BYJU'S FIFA campaign, overseeing comprehensive deliverables for the partnership and partnering in crafting social and blog campaigns for the brands. Orchestrated a 'FIFA Contest' in collaboration with the Blog team, generating over 20,000+ leads."


Lionel Messi for EFA

Provided holistic coordination and campaign strategizing for the EFA X Messi partnership. Collaborated closely with the EFA team, innovating new initiatives to amplify brand visibility and recognition.

anil kumar fifa world cup
Anil kumar work meriiboy


MeriiBoy re- launch

In an impressive 40-day timeframe, we accomplished the successful rebranding of 350 SKUs, showcasing unparalleled efficiency and unwavering commitment. Moreover, we adeptly executed the launch campaign within a challenging 3-month window following the acquisition of the brand partnership.


Fortis Hospitals - PAN India

Collaboratively devising and implementing marketing campaigns alongside the Fortis marketing team, resulting in more than 10 successful launches and 30 impactful campaigns. These endeavors collectively contributed to enhancing the brand's credibility and market presence.

anil kumar fortis hospitals
Anil kumar work Britannia


Britannia - Bread and Rusk

Collaborating with the Britannia bread and rusk marketing team to formulate innovative campaign strategies and brand marketing initiatives. Spearheading the agency's role in executing all campaigns and producing more than 6 brand films.


Launch of Queer Badminton League 

Assisting the QBL team in successfully launching their inaugural tournament edition. Taking charge of PR campaigns and influencer marketing efforts, which ultimately led to the participation of four Olympians in the our campaign

Anil kumar work QBL
Anil Kumar S for Wrangler


Wrangler India

Providing extensive assistance to the Wrangler India team, contributing to the success of more than 8 campaigns and the introduction of 6 new products. Furthermore, actively participated in the production of 3 promotional films.


ICC Events - BYJU'S

Guiding the brand partnership through a remarkable 7 cricket world cups, encompassing the 50-over, T20, and women's editions.

Devising collaborative campaigns that ingeniously harnessed the ICC partnership, resulting in an astounding 2 billion impressions over the course of the collaboration.

Meticulously handling the relationship, contracts, and on-ground operations throughout this tenure.

Furthermore, orchestrating 9 impactful social media campaigns and collaborations in association with ICC.

Anil Kumar for ICC


Anil kumar work  Cochi marathon

Launch of Cochin International Marathon

Part of the team responsible for the successful launch of the Cochin International Half Marathon. Leading the team's efforts in forging partnerships and providing support to the creative team during the launch. Collaborating with notable figures such as Mohanlal, PT Usha, and Milkha Singh for partnerships and PR initiatives


Kerala Blasters -ISL

spearheading and overseeing the partnership with the KBFC team, ensuring seamless cooperation between KBFC and BYJU'S. Moreover, I actively participated in devising captivating social campaigns for both entities, harnessing my proficiency to craft potent and triumphant marketing ventures across diverse social media platforms

Anil kumar work KBFC
Anil kumar work KDD


KDD Harvest

Providing extensive assistance to the KDD team, contributing to the success of the brand launch in India. 20 SKUs and over 4 product launches. 


Kerala Tuskers - Launch 

Leading team on launch activities for IPL team Kochin Tuskers. Developing initial Campaigns and film for the franchise.

Anil kumar work IPL
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