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Anilkumar S
Marketing, Brand Strategy & Advertising 

Anil Kumar, a marketing professional with expertise in SEO, strategy, and campaign and project management. Over the course of my career, He has successfully executed more than 70 campaigns and launched 19 products. Anil Kumar S, through these campaigns through brand and advertising agencies, has generated an impressive 4 billion impressions and 2 billion engagements.

With over a decade of experience, Anil Kumar has honed my skills in designing effective marketing strategies, building partnerships, managing social media, creating compelling content, and optimizing SEO.

Anil Kumar takes great pride in my ability to develop unique and impactful marketing solutions for the brands I work with.

Beyond my professional achievements,  Anil Kumar is a proud parent to two adorable Frenchies named Riri and Max. Gardening is one of his passions, and his friends often refer to him as a walking plant encyclopedia. I find solace in my garden, where I enjoy reading books and expressing my thoughts through my blogs.

In my free time, Anil Kumar indulges in various sports such as tennis, badminton, and swimming.

He is also an avid lover of skating and surfing. You can often find him gliding through the picturesque paths of Cubbon Park in Bangalore on Sunday mornings, accompanied by his furry friends. Skating down the park's serene pathways brings me immense joy and allows Anil kumar to connect with nature while enjoying the company of my 2 children. Whether it's the thrill of riding the waves or the freedom of skating, these activities fuel my adventurous spirit and inspire me to approach marketing with a fresh perspective

As a member of the LGBTQ family, he is an ally and a strong supporter of the community. He believes in fostering inclusivity and equality in all aspects of life.

With his strategic thinking, creativity, data-driven decision-making, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach, Anil Kumar is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for my clients. I understand the importance of brand management and ensuring consistency in messaging and values.

Anil Kumar S Marketing
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